What type of rolls do you fill?
I'd like Shepherd Search Group to help me find a new job. How much will it cost me?
I was at my last job for 15 years and haven't updated my resume since then. Can you help me with that?
Many people on our leadership team like to meet with candidates before we decide to hire someone but this can be very time-consuming. What solutions does Shepherd Search Group offer that can help make our interview process more efficient?
Can you help with relocation?
What is your guarantee period?
We are a very small company with no HR department. Can you help with onboarding/drug screening/background checks?
In the past when I sent a recruiter my resume he submitted it to a company without my permission?
One of our Directors had to take an unexpected extended personal leave and we need someone ASAP. How quickly can you help us find a replacement?
I am connected with hundreds and thousands of people in my LinkedIn network. Why do I need a recruitment firm?
I want to see what types of candidates you work with before I sign a contract with Shepherd Search Group. Can you send me a few resumes?
We have been very successful in finding our own candidates but we need help with our screening process. Can you assist?
What happens if I hire SSG to help us with a search and we then fill the role on our own?

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