Frequently Asked Questions

What type of rolls do you fill?
Shepherd Search Group® is a consortium of some of the most successful niche-oriented executive search and contract staffing firms in the country. As a result, these firms specialize in a wide variety of disciplines where they can bring industry expertise. These industries include disciplines such as accounting, aesthetics, anti-money laundering, beauty, defense, dermatology, engineering, financial technology, healthcare, HR solutions, information technology, payments, retail technology and scientific instrumentation.
I'd like Shepherd Search Group to help me find a new job. How much will it cost me?
Shepherd Search Group® and our affiliates never charge the candidate for our services. We operate by the premise: “You can’t burn the candle at both ends.” As such, our fees are always paid for by the employer.
I was at my last job for 15 years and haven't updated my resume since then. Can you help me with that?
HRselect, our premier HR service and RPO provider offers resume writing and career counseling services at competitive prices. They can help put together a dossier for you to present to employers.
Many people on our leadership team like to meet with candidates before we decide to hire someone but this can be very time-consuming. What solutions does Shepherd Search Group offer that can help make our interview process more efficient?
At Shepherd Search Group®, we believe a thorough but efficient interview process is best. As such, we offer tools that will help reduce your costs while ensuring those candidates you interview are fully vetted. These include the use of digital interviews that you can review at your leisure, videoconferencing, behavioral assessments, a thorough background screening, reference checks, candidate benchmarking, leadership profiling and case studies. These tools have helped Shepherd Search Group achieve an industry leading 97.1% retention rate. We also meet candidates face-to-face when necessary.
Can you help with relocation?
Absolutely. Our relocation affiliate based in Arizona, offers assistance at no charge. Some of the services they provide include assisting with moving quotes (at a discounted rate), interim housing, cost of living reports as well as a resource bureau pertaining to schools, religious organizations, crime indexes and more.
What is your guarantee period?
Shepherd Search Group® offers the industry’s best guarantee period. Depending upon the terms of the agreement, we will provide up to a one-year replacement guarantee. We also offer the industry’s only  ‘extended guarantee’ program. We can’t tell you about it here as our competitors are regularly scrolling our website, but give us a call. Let’s just say,…we just replaced a director at one of our clients that had been there for almost three years,…and we did this at no charge.
We are a very small company with no HR department. Can you help with onboarding/drug screening/background checks?
HRselect offers all of these services and more on either an a-la-carte basis or a subscription based program providing unlimited resources. From reference checking to a nationwide drug screening program, degree verifications to job posting & optimization, HRselect can serve as your one-stop-shop for HR outsourcing.
In the past when I sent a recruiter my resume he submitted it to a company without my permission?

At Shepherd Search Group®, we have very strict policies and procedures. It is a violation of company policy to submit a resume without the explicit consent of the individual we are representing. We see our role as bringing people together and this cannot be done without the complete “buy-in” of both parties.

One of our Directors had to take an unexpected extended personal leave and we need someone ASAP. How quickly can you help us find a replacement?
Shepherd Interim specializes in placing interim candidates in record time. As a general rule, we place most of our interim candidates in three to five business days. Our goal is to keep a “bullpen” of candidates always available so that we can fill your urgent needs as soon as the opening occurs.
I am connected with hundreds and thousands of people in my LinkedIn network. Why do I need a recruitment firm?

Just as you need a doctor to care for your health, a successful executive recruiter can assist you in making right professional choices for your career. Many of our clients place confidential searches with us. These are not advertised or known to the public at large. If we have your credentials on file and have completed the pre-qualification process, it can only open up more opportunities within your niche. Like many others, this business is built upon relationships and Shepherd Search Group is as connected in the industries we serve as a firm can be. With thirty-five years of experience, offices around the globe and a cadre of talent scouts having us represent you is like having your very own Jerry Maguire or Mark Steinberg.

I want to see what types of candidates you work with before I sign a contract with Shepherd Search Group. Can you send me a few resumes?

We can absolutely send you a few resumes. However, just as you want us committed to your search, we want a commitment from our clients. Sometimes the answer to our client’s needs is not found in the database but rather in knowing where to look and how to gain a candidate’s interest. This is where we excel, and where we can assist your firm. Committing to a set timeline is never a problem at Shepherd Search Group.

We have been very successful in finding our own candidates but we need help with our screening process. Can you assist?
Shepherd Search Group’s® screening process is the best money can buy. Discretion, speed, efficiency, thoroughness and diligence are our hallmarks. We can find you the talent you need or we can come into your organization and teach you some of our tried and true methods. We like to think of our firm as “open source.” We love to share our methodology, and we believe it will make all the difference in your business.
What happens if I hire SSG to help us with a search and we then fill the role on our own?

Absolutely nothing. If yours is a contingency search, you owe us nothing. Perhaps a cocktail after work. If yours is a retained search, we’ll apply your deposit to a future search within the next twelve months. The days of a search firm billing you “no matter what” don’t exist at Shepherd. We want you to see this as an investment, and we’ll ensure your deposit is put towards hiring great people whether it be now,..or in the future. Just ask about our Priority Search Program.

Shepherd Search Group is here for you during COVID-19.