Shepherd On-Site

With almost three decades of experience serving thousands of organizations across the globe, Shepherd Search Group is pleased to offer our clients an opportunity to take advantage of “Shepherd On-Site.”

Shepherd On-Site provides your organization with one of our professional and skilled recruiters on-site to assist with regional and national recruitment efforts, onboarding, retention strategies and HR consulting.  From large scale RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) efforts at newly-established companies to the recruitment of key interim and permanent leaders within your organization, Shepherd will bring all of our recruitment strategies and services to your facility.

Shepherd team members may be contracted for as little as 30 days and as long as two years depending upon the scope and breadth of the assignment(s).  With clients in all 50 states and specialists in many industries, Shepherd is uniquely positioned to service your organization.

With a Shepherd On-Site representative, your organization can have this individual serve as a single point of contact for both interim and permanent leadership or work as a liaison with your team.  Alternatively, your Shepherd On-Site representative will work with our corporate team to ensure they are drawing upon the collective efforts of Shepherd to ensure your organization is recruiting the very best talent.  There is no better way to ensure your recruitment is efficient and draws upon industry best practices utilized by hundreds and hundreds of America’s top companies.

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From the United States to Europe to the Middle East, Shepherd Search Group® works in the fields of executive search, permanent placement, interim staffing, HR solutions and recruitment process outsourcing. Whether you’re a hiring authority not interested in settling for mediocrity or a candidate not willing to settle for less than you’re worth, you’ve come to the right place!

Shepherd Search Group is here for you during COVID-19.