Shepherd Search Group Is Here for You!

Shepherd Search Group Is Here for You!
April 2020

Dear Friends:

The world has changed as we know it, yet there is one constant: the need for quality employees in times like these. Whether that need be for less, more or just different, now is the time to reassess your plan.

At Shepherd Search Group, we are getting creative to alleviate your burden during this critical time. We are proud to offer our clients solutions including extended guarantee periods, flexible payment terms,

assistance with relocation costs, onsite/remote interview support, charter flights when commercial flights are not available and reduced interim-to-perm conversion rates.

A partnership is about working through obstacles together. To learn more about how Shepherd Search Group is helping companies through Covid-19, call me and we will customize a solution just for you. In closing, we recognize we’ve got to pull through this together. We’re doing our part to keep our hospitals, our local businesses and our country going, and eventually growing again!

To your good health!